Apply For a Unit

To be eligible for a unit the recipient needs to meet the following criteria: ​

  • Recipient must be experiencing hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, burns, or any other medical reasons.

  • Must be referred by a medical professional who signs and submits medical proof or prescription for tresses.

​If you meet all of the above criteria, please read and follow the steps below to get an understating  of the application process.  Each step needs to be completed  correctly before moving on to the next step.​

  • As soon as the online application has been submitted. you will receive a confirmation email. Letting you know that your application is now under review. If you do not receive a receipt email with in 48 hrs of submission please email us at or contact us at 404-566-0547. Also please make sure to check your spam messages as well.

  • Once we have seen, reviewed and approved your application you will then be notified via email with your further steps.


  • When all steps have been completed and all forms have been submitted. You will recieve another confirmation via email. Then the wig process will begin.


  • It can take a  minimum of 6 weeks from the time the application was submitted before the recipient receives shipping information. The email will contain all information reguarding agreed upon tresses and tracking information.

*******If for any reason you were denied you will be able to resubmit another application within 6 months. So it is very critical that you read carefully and understand the full details of this process. If you have any question or concenrs please feel free to contact us via email and give us at least 48 hrs to respond.****