About Us

Georgia based non-profit"

Throughout the course of your life, we know you had dreams, aspirations and goals. Goals that can still be met, all it takes is confidence within yourself. If you lack confidence because of your situation witch caused hair loss and that altered the look that you are used to. We are here to assist you! We feel that it isn't your fault that your disease or tragic situation chose you, and you should not have to suffer because BEAUTY is found WITHIN, but in a un-normal world it isn't. So here at Tresses of Serenity we strive to give you the confidence you need to do all of the daily activities that you are used too. Without feeling like you don't belong. Witch will make this chapter of your life a little easier.

- Auctavia, May - Founder-

In 2012 I met a phenomenal woman! She was diagnosed with breast cancer and at the time she was undergoing treatments and chemo therapy. She asked me if i could find her a lace wig. I said yes i could. So i contacted her only son and told him what his mother had asked of me. We planned on getting her a wig but the communication was not the best with us at the time and funds were low. December 7, 2013 she passed away. This wonderful woman was my now mother in law Mrs. Jackie Kelly. After her passing it inspired me to want to help provide woman with cancer Free quality wigs. I never understood why woman who don't have the choice of losing their hair have to pay for wigs that look so natural. I just didn't believe in myself enough to feel I could do it. So a few years passed by. In February, 2017 my younger cousin Desharia Hobdy 23yrs old was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. By March 2017 she  started Chemo and by April all of her hair had fallen out. She too also asked me to help her find a wig and prices for a good one were a little out of my grandmothers price range. Then I knew i had to do something. I had to not only help my cousin but help all woman who just want to feel normal in this un-normal world.